Bermudians Visiting the UK & Europe

When visiting the UK it is best you know whether you need a visa is required. If you hold a Bermuda passport and intend to visit the UK for 6 months or less you do not normally need to apply for a visa before travelling.
If you have any previous adverse immigration history and/or criminal convictions, you may want to apply for a visa to establish if you qualify for entry before you travel to the UK. You can find more information by leaving this section and using our Do I need a visa? section of the UK Border Agency | Bermuda webpage.

Right to abode:
If you possessed British Overseas Territories Citizenship (BOTC) before 21 May 2002, you will not need a visa to visit, study or work in the UK. You will need to provide proof of your right to abode in the UK by presenting either of the following:

  • a passport describing you as a British Citizen; or
  • a certificate of entitlement in a valid passport or travel document.

Visit the UK Border Agency | Bermuda webpage for more information on visitor requirements:

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