The Bermuda Ship Registry

The Bermuda Ship Registry has existed since 1789 and in its present form it has been an internationally successful registry since the 1980s.

Bermuda ships are British ships and fly the red ensign although they are not UK ships and Bermuda is not an EC flag. The Bermuda Ship Registry is a part of the wider Red Ensign Group which includes the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Cayman Islands and the UK. This group collectively provides high quality ship registry services to discerning clients.

The Administration is certified to the ISO:9000:2008 standard and has a high standing internationally. Bermuda ranks at the top of the Paris MOU “White List” of flag states and also scores highly on the “Round Table” list of flag states. The fleet is diverse and the Administration has extensive experience with Cruise Ships, LNG Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Tankers, Container Ships and Large Yachts.

Phone: +1 441 295 7251

Fax: +1 441 295 3718

Emergency Contact: +1 441 799 7251

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