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Premier Announces Cabinet Changes

Posted January 16 2015

Today the Premier and Minister of National Security, the Hon. Michael H. Dunkley, JP, MP, announced a series of Ministerial changes in his Cabinet.

In order to devote his energies and attention to the upcoming America’s Cup events, Dr. the Hon. Grant Gibbons stepped down as Minister of Education, however he will continue his responsibilities as Minister for Economic Development.

Consequently, the Hon. R. Wayne Scott, JP, MP, will assume the role as Minister of Education, the Hon. Patricia Gordon-Pamplin JP, MP, will take over the Ministry of Community, Culture‎ and Sport Portfolio and former Premier Craig Cannonier, JP, MP rejoins the Cabinet as the Minister of Public Works.

The Premier said today, “‎The preparations for the America’s Cup will be massive, involving hundreds of individuals working in a variety of disciplines in a variety of jurisdictions around the globe.

“The need for the Government to maintain centralized direction, control and coordination for this critically important national project is essential.

“Dr. Gibbons, as Minister of Economic Development, is perfectly positioned to provide the kind of dedicated leadership and attention to detail this project will demand. He has proven his ability to take on complex challenges, as evidenced by his management of Bermuda’s America’s Cup bid and in Bermuda’s takeover of the American, British and Canadian military bases in the 1990s.”‎

The Premier continued, “This change in Cabinet responsibilities could not be avoided given the demands the America’s Cup will create and the huge benefits it can generate for the Bermudian people in the years ahead.

“My colleagues and I are highly sensitive to the fact that it amounts to another change at the top of Education, which has been the history of that portfolio for far too long.

“As Premier, I want to assure Bermuda that this Government will continue its good work to provide students with the education they need to reach their full potential.

“There are many issues that occupy our attention, but there is nothing more important to the long-term health of Bermuda than the preparation of our young people to live and flourish in the world they inherit.

“To that end, it is my pleasure to announce Mr. R. Wayne Scott as the new Education Minister.

“I have worked with Mr. Scott for a few years now. I have watched him at the Cabinet table make important contributions, and I have been impressed by his energy and his passion for Bermuda.

“I am satisfied that he understands the challenges and the opportunities in education. It is a tough assignment and I am confident Mr. Scott will bring the dedication and focus this portfolio needs, and that his energy, enthusiasm and commitment will carry into the one place such qualities matter most – which is the classroom.”‎

The Premier noted that as as consequence of Minister Scott’s appointment he has appointed Patricia Gordon-Pamplin to the Ministry of Community, Culture and Sports.

The Premier said, “This is a fitting appointment on several levels. Pat is a sportswoman. She has represented Bermuda in competition and pays close attention to the local scene. She is also compassionate and a fighter, who will stand up for people in need, which is a significant responsibility in her new portfolio.

“Finally, I am pleased to welcome back into the Cabinet Mr. Craig Cannonier as Minister of Public Works.‎

“I believe – and I believe most Bermudians believe – that people should get the chance to rebuild and rededicate themselves to what’s important; in this case to public service.

“Craig and I have a good working relationship. We have spent time over the past year and I can say that he has paid a price, that he has prepared himself to serve again, and that he has much to contribute.

“This is the foundation on which he will take his place at the Cabinet table.”‎

The Premier concluded, “I have made these changes in order to strengthen the Government’s ability to meet the challenges facing Bermuda today.

“It is all about getting the job done for the people of this great Island.”‎

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