• 35th Annual America’s Cup in Bermuda

    Posted August 09 2017

    2017 marked the 35th Annual America’s Cup (AC), a prestigious competition known to be the world’s oldest sailing event, dating back to 1851. It is a trophy awarded to the winner of a sailing match between two sailing yachts. One …

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  • Bermuda at the Olympics

    Posted August 26 2016

    Bermuda has a proud and long-lasting Olympic tradition stretching back to our debut in the Berlin 1936 Summer Olympics. With the Bermuda Olympic Association one of the 199 National Olympic Committees, our island has been represented by locals on the …

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  • Johnny Barnes – An Island Treasure

    Posted July 25 2016

    “I enjoy making people happy. I like to let them know that life is sweet, that it’s good to be alive.” The entire Island of Bermuda is saddened over the passing of Bermudian icon Johnny Barnes. Famed for waving and …

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  • Heritage Month and Bermuda Day

    Posted May 25 2016

    The Origins of Heritage Month and Bermuda Day – Civil unrest in the 1960s and 1970s prompted the Bermuda Government to commission a report examining the social conditions in Bermuda and make recommendations to promote a more unified and peaceful social …

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  • The Bermuda Petrel (Cahow)

    Posted April 18 2016

    Commonly referred to as the Cahow, this is Bermuda’s National Bird. It is a pelagic seabird, which means it spends most of its life out on the open ocean. They feed on small squid, fish and shrimp. The Cahow was believed …

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