London Office Work Experience 2017

The Department of Workforce Development invites Bermudian’s currently studying and residing in the UK to apply for the following work experience opportunities within the Government of Bermuda London Office.… Read more

Calyx Tucker: London Office Intern 2016

Calyx Thumb

In July 2016, the Government of Bermuda London Office, together with the Department of Workforce Development, launched an internship programme for Bermudian graduates currently living in the UK. The internship is developed to provide Bermudian graduates with an opportunity to gain exposure in the UK and EU market through Government and Private sector relations.

A spokesperson said, “Following the application process, through Workforce Development, the internship was awarded to Ms. Calyx Tucker. Ms. Tucker is a graduate of the University of Leeds, receiving a BA [Honours] Japanese and Politics.

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Brandon Sousa: Summer Employment Program 2016

Brandon Thumb

As a final year Politics and International Relations undergraduate student, the opportunity to be at the heart of my home country’s international political relationships sounded like an ambitious fantasy. This opportunity, however, became an exciting reality for me during the summer of 2016. Thanks to the Government of Bermuda’s London Office and the Workforce Development Summer Employment program, I was given the rare chance to undertake ten weeks of work in the heart of London directly related to my long-time passion of international relations. Throughout my summer with the office I developed exponentially; both professionally and personally. Through exposure to the work of public office and diplomacy-in-action, I built numerous valuable skills whilst gaining rare, ‘behind-the-scenes’ insight to events of significance to Bermuda on an international level. In addition, the work I undertook and observed further helped to shape my interests, leading to detailed research objectives and specific career ambitions.

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