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Bermuda’s transparent and top-tier reputation -VIDEO

Posted November 09 2017

Bermuda is a leader on tax transparency

Bermuda is different from other international finance centres due to its high level of transparency, compliance, cooperation and exchange of information. No matter what the ICIJ releases, Bermuda remains a cooperative jurisdiction and a leader on tax-transparency. Learn more about Bermuda’s Transparency, Cooperation and Compliance in the video below.

Bermuda’s economic model contributes to global economic development

Bermuda’s economic model supports close to a half-million jobs globally, creating and supporting jobs not only on the island itself, but also in its onshore trading partners. This includes an estimated 300,000 jobs in the US, 30,000 in Canada, and 70,000 in the UK through trade, foreign direct investment, and portfolio investment capacity, facilitating economic globalisation.

More information can be found on the Government of Bermuda Ministry of Finance webpage.

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