Since its discovery and colonisation Bermuda has developed into a thriving and popular nation. It is the oldest self-governing British Overseas Territory and its Parliament is the third oldest continuous Parliament in the world.

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Premier The Hon. E. David Burt, JP MP
Minister of Finance

 The Hon. Walter Roban, JP MP
Deputy Premier & Minister of Transportation & Regulatory Affairs

The Hon. Kathy Simmons, JP MP
Attorney General
The Hon. Walton Brown, JP MP
Minister of Home Affairs

The Hon. Kim Wilson, JP MP
Minister of Health

The Hon. Colonel David Burch, JP MP
Minister of Public Works

The Hon. Wayne Caines, JP MP
Minister of National Security

The Hon. Zane Desilva, JP MP
Minister of Social Development & Sport

The Hon. Diallo Rabain, JP MP
Minister of Education

The Hon. Jamahl Simmons, JP MP
Economic Development & Tourism

The Hon. Lovitta Foggo, JP MP
Minister of Government Reform
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