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Beauty With a Purpose

Posted January 19 2016

The Miss Bermuda Pageant has an illustrious history, first competing in the Miss Universe Pageants in 1965, with Margaret Hill winning Miss Photogenic in 1970. Miss Bermuda began competing in the Miss World Pageant in 1971 seeing Gina Swainson become the 1st and only Miss Bermuda to date to be crowned Miss World in 1979.

The current Miss Bermuda is Alyssa Rose, a 23 year old graduate of Kingston University London who competed in the Miss World 2015 in Sanya, Peoples Republic if China. Miss Rose finished top 26 in Sport and Top 13 in Talent. Her mission to utilize the Miss Bermuda title, is to use her MA in Marketing and Brand Management to assist and spread awareness to charities in Bermuda.

The Dame Marjorie Bean Hope Academy is the island’s only dedicated school for children with special needs in Bermuda. Students here are between the ages of 4 and 18, with moderate to severe multiple challenges. They are taught an adapted curriculum that includes language and literacy, functional math, living and communication skills, physical education, social, vocational and recreational skills.

As a child growing up in Bermuda, Miss Rose admits she took full advantage and benefit from Bermuda’s natural beauty. A beauty which is often taken for granted, but not every child has the same experience.

“For the physically challenged or disabled, access to this beauty is very limited. As a result, it is difficult for the children to be taken into the community and despite being such a small place, there’s still a huge stigma attached to the topic, with many knowing very little, if anything at all, about children with special needs here”

This stigma and lack of awareness in the community make it very difficult for organizations and charities to gain financial support in order to provide the care for those attending the Dame Marjorie Bean Hope Academy. Through her efforts, Miss Rose hopes to change that.

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