Bermuda Reception 2017

The Government of Bermuda London Office held its annual Bermuda Reception hosted by The Hon E. David Burt JP MP Premier of Bermuda. The event took place at the Clubhouse St James’s in London on November 27, 2017. This was a networking event for Bermudians Living, Working and Studying in the UK. Also in attendance were industry professionals based in Bermuda who were attending a conference in London by the Bermuda Business Development Agency.

Th night featured an address from the The Hon E. David Burt JP MP Premier of Bermuda. Following immediately after, the Premier opened the floor for a brief Q&A which had become a popular tradition of the Bermuda Reception. The evening concluded with two prize giveaways of a round trip ticket to Bermuda each. Congratulations to the two winners Cruz Swan and Jamila Carey!!!

Cruz Swan

Jamila Carey

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Bermuda Reception 27th Nov 2017

The Government of Bermuda London Office invites all Bermudians studying and residing in the UK to a Bermuda Reception in the presence of The Hon E. David Burt JP, MP Premier of Bermuda and Minister of Finance.


The event is scheduled on Monday the 27th of November at 7:30pm to 10:00pm at The Clubhouse, 8 St James’s Square, SW1Y 4JU London. Those wishing to attend are kindly advised to RSVP to the Government of Bermuda London Office
Telephoning +44 (0) 207 518 9900.

Bermuda’s transparent and top-tier reputation -VIDEO

Bermuda is a leader on tax transparency

Bermuda is different from other international finance centres due to its high level of transparency, compliance, cooperation and exchange of information. No matter what the ICIJ releases, Bermuda remains a cooperative jurisdiction and a leader on tax-transparency. Learn more about Bermuda’s Transparency, Cooperation and Compliance in the video below.

Bermuda’s economic model contributes to global economic development

Bermuda’s economic model supports close to a half-million jobs globally, creating and supporting jobs not only on the island itself, but also in its onshore trading partners. This includes an estimated 300,000 jobs in the US, 30,000 in Canada, and 70,000 in the UK through trade, foreign direct investment, and portfolio investment capacity, facilitating economic globalisation.

More information can be found on the Government of Bermuda Ministry of Finance webpage.

Bermuda affirms global standards on tax and transparency, and continues review of a 2016 cyber breach on a global law firm’s local office

The Government of Bermuda notes further reports today of a 2016 multi-site cyber-attack on a globally headquartered law firm including its offices in Hamilton, Bermuda. We note much of the narrative concerns foreign nationals in other jurisdictions.

The Government takes these matters extremely seriously and is reviewing developments with all parties concerned, including the relevant international authorities. Bermuda consistently ranks as a global leader in tax and transparency, with tax treaties with over 100 governments.

The Premier of Bermuda, The Hon E. David Burt JP, MP, said: “We maintain high vigilance on any and all criminal activities, including cyber, as well as requiring leading standards on tax and transparency of all who do business here. We will not tolerate non-compliance in any of these areas, and are reviewing this incident and related matters, and will take any further action as required.”

Bermuda rebuts inaccuracies in UK Opposition Leader’s House of Commons Statement


The Government of Bermuda notes the statement by the Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn MP, Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition in the UK parliament, which was misinformed.
The Government of Bermuda can confirm that Appleby Global is not “Bermuda based”; its global management is based in Jersey.

Bermuda is a recognised leader in international tax compliance and tax transparency with 114 tax treaty partners.

The opposition leader may not be aware that Bermuda was recently confirmed by the French Government as a “whitelisted” jurisdiction due to Bermuda’s excellent work on international tax transparency.

PRESS RELEASE – UKOTA – Hurricane Irma

September 10, 2017

Hurricane Irma – UK Overseas Territories call for stronger British Government relief action and, longer term, support for economic and fiscal diversity to drive sustainability

 Hamilton, Bermuda – On behalf of the leaders of the Overseas Territories, in his capacity as president of the United Kingdom Overseas Territories Association (UKOTA), the Premier of Bermuda, The Hon E. David Burt MP, as expressed deep concern and sympathies for all those affected by Hurricane Irma, and other current related developments.

Premier Burt said:

“Our thoughts and prayers are fully focused on all affected by the current severe storm patterns across the Caribbean. In particular, there is an urgent need for health and social welfare support which must be met now.

We welcome the commitment from the UK Government in providing some immediate resources to British Nationals within the Caribbean, while questioning the adequacy of its response in other areas such as a regional reconstruction fund, and the two-week wait for the arrival of HMS Ocean. We note that the House of Commons Foreign Affairs and International Development Select Committees have raised these issues in terms as well.

The Overseas Territories are diverse in our constitutions, populations and economic sustainability, encompassing the Caribbean, Europe, and most remote islands in the South Atlantic. We therefore call upon the UK Government not only to commit immediate resources but also to examine and develop the long term economic self-sustainability of the Overseas Territories.”

In addition, the Premier highlighted the following areas as offering scope for further discussion once some of the most immediate relief issues have been addressed:

1. The resilience of island infrastructures and planning; global best practice in construction and other coping systems must be adopted

2. The global insurance and reinsurance industries are likely to face increasing demands on capacity, and key hubs in the US, UK, and Bermuda will need to apply expertise against adverse scenarios of likely growing severity to cope with the levels of relief and recovery that will be required over the long term. The swift availability of substantial funds to the areas affected is well supported by many of the current structures in these hubs, and these should arguably be enhanced and certainly protected at current levels.

3. The Overseas Territories have traditions of excellence in financial services, banking, and risk management. Any upward trend in environmental or other catastrophes will emphasise their dependence on these sectors, which must be recognized in UK Government and other international policy.

Premier Burt concluded; “The people of Britain’s Caribbean Territories are courageous and resilient, but they face unprecedented devastation. Now more than ever, we need the United Kingdom to fulfill its obligations by providing comprehensive and lasting support to ensure a sustainable future”.


35th Annual America’s Cup in Bermuda

2017 marked the 35th Annual America’s Cup (AC), a prestigious competition known to be the world’s oldest sailing event, dating back to 1851. It is a trophy awarded to the winner of a sailing match between two sailing yachts. One of the yachts is the AC holder from the previous year and the second yacht is the challenger competing to claim the AC. The challenger is selected from The Louis Vuitton Cup, which is a race series connected to the AC. Louis Vuitton is further associated to the AC as the official sponsor.

Bermuda was chosen over 11 candidates to host the competition, prompting the island to open its harbours and marinas for 445 boats, including 75 super yachts. With such a surge of visitors, Bermuda had the opportunity to showcase its island charm to spectators and participants who came for the occasion.

Bermuda was selected based on numerous factors including geographic location, sailing conditions, hospitable accommodation and financial capacity. The American firm Moody’s analytics predicts that economic growth will spurt to an average of 2.3% between 2016 and 2017 and rise an additional 1 and 2 percent three years after the wake of the America’s Cup.

The Hon. Dr. E. Grant Gibbons JP, MP Minister of Economic Development noted that the “island never has hosted an event of this magnitude”. In addition to the visiting spectators, the AC was also broadcasted to 162 countries by 29 broadcasters including BBC. Bermuda exhibited its aptitude to host events of this scale and is in a favourable position to host similar international sporting events. Presently, Bermuda is being considered as the venue for the World Triathlon Series with the ITU in 2018.

Team New Zealand took home the AC in the professional category. They defeated Great Britain’s Land Bar ROVER, an AC favourite led by Olympian hero Sir Ben Ainslie in the semi-finals. In the youth division, Bermuda’s Team BDA represented their island well. They were an assembled team of athletes who did not have previous experience sailing the type of boats used in the AC. They set the tone as the host nation of the cup in style by winning the first racing event of the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup.

The foil boat racing used in the AC is requires high performance sailing which made for a great display but action didn’t only take place on the sea. Other excitement could be found in the AC Village, which was the centre of the AC.

The AC Village was situated in Dockyard, a popular area for tourists and citizens, historically known as a British naval base. The AC Village was utilised as the hub for entertainment, activities, and merchandise. According to the ministry, there were more than 100,000 visits to the AC Village from residents and guests. 71% of those visits were from locals, emphasizing the support and interest shown by the island’s community throughout the 22 days of the AC duration.

There is an overall consensus in Bermuda that the AC was a positive experience for all those involved. Bermuda is pleased to have successfully hosted the AC and look forward to accommodating similar spectacles in future.

Bermuda Elects a New Government and New Premier: The Honourable David Burt, JP MP

Bermuda’s General Election on the 18th July 2017 resulted in a victory for the Progressive Labour Party (PLP). The Premier of Bermuda, the Hon E David Burt, JP, MP was sworn in by Governor John Rankin the following day, moving in the direction of France and Canada as the youngest Premier in our history (38).

The Premier has vowed to work his hardest for “every single Bermudian”, pledging to “…build an economy that works for everyone” and “serve the people of Bermuda” in his first address to the nation with a unifying tone. The new Government’s campaign had emphasized their intention to focus efforts on Bermuda’s social infrastructure.

The most recent general election, however, was historic in more ways than one. In addition to Mr. Burt’s ground-breaking accomplishment, PLP’s win has been recorded as the highest margin of victory under the modern 36 single-seat system which was established prior to the 2003 general election. The PLP retained all of their seats while gaining 7 from the previous Government, in the end winning 24 seats to the former government’s 12, beating the previous highest margin of 22-14. The new government claimed an impressive 58.89% of the overall vote, officially marking Bermuda’s largest general election landslide. In addition to winning 24 seats, the PLP increased their winning percentage of the vote in multiple seats, while recording considerable margins of victory in many of the seats claimed from the previous Government.

Premier of Bermuda, the Hon. David Burt, JP, MP said, “I am proud and humbled to be the Premier of Bermuda. My parliamentary colleagues and I have formed a government with a clear and decisive mandate that will focus on making Bermuda stronger and better for all Bermudians. 

“Cabinet ministers are already hard at work reviewing and addressing the issues facing Bermuda. I have held meetings with our stakeholders to identify and implement the necessary policies that will ensure continued success for Bermuda and our local and international partners.

“Parliament will convene on 8 September 2017. We will lay out the Government’s legislative agenda and quickly put in place the priorities for our long-term economic and social vision for Bermuda.”

The Premier has committed to retaining Bermuda’s position as Chair of the United Kingdom Overseas Territories Association and President of the Political Council.

Brandon Sousa – 2016 Summer Employment Experience

As a final year Politics and International Relations undergraduate student, the opportunity to be at the heart of my home country’s international political relationships sounded like an ambitious fantasy. This opportunity, however, became an exciting reality for me during the summer of 2016. Thanks to the Government of Bermuda’s London Office and the Workforce Development Summer Employment program, I was given the rare chance to undertake ten weeks of work in the heart of London directly related to my long-time passion of international relations. Throughout my summer with the office I developed exponentially; both professionally and personally. Through exposure to the work of public office and diplomacy-in-action, I built numerous valuable skills whilst gaining rare, ‘behind-the-scenes’ insight to events of significance to Bermuda on an international level. In addition, the work I undertook and observed further helped to shape my interests, leading to detailed research objectives and specific career ambitions.

As my internship with the office started directly after Britain’s referendum deciding to exit the European Union, I joined at a time of profound importance to Bermuda and the British Overseas Territories more generally. The opportunity to gain insight to an international event of such importance through the internship was not only professionally invaluable, but also extremely interesting. The work of the office varies extensively in subject matter, which required a high degree of flexibility and accurate, up-to-date knowledge on a broad spectrum of topics. Though challenging, this enabled me to fine-tune my multitasking skills as I mastered switching between different modes of thinking and approaches, work depending.  I was able to help support the work of the office in areas such as regulatory policy and international environmental protection efforts. This further added to the highly interesting nature of the job, as each day presented a new challenge with new subject matter; I truly did learn through hands-on experience. I also had the opportunity to be heavily involved in the office’s consular function, providing assistance to Bermudians in the UK concerning matters of public administration. This enabled me to further build upon general admin skills and professional communications. The opportunity to interact with fellow Bermudians on a daily basis served to further enrich my experience with the office. A portion of the work I undertook was also in regards to the public relations of the office, as I assisted in writing for and updating the website.

The team at the London Office is extremely invested in ambitious young professionals in this field of work, and this was obvious throughout the entirety of my internship. There was always encouragement to expand your knowledge and further develop yourself, evident in the opportunities the team offers to their interns. I was able to tour the Foreign and Commonwealth Office with the desk officer responsible for Bermuda, a rare insight into Bermuda’s role in the bigger picture of Britain and its territories. In addition to this, I was invited to an event as part of the Joint Ministerial Council for British Overseas Territories. To be in attendance of a reception filled with key political figures and representatives of other British Overseas Territories presented a unique and extremely valuable networking opportunity and was, to say the least, inspiring. My summer was a learning experience not only in the office, but also outside of it! More generally, my internship greatly increased my appreciation for the island I call home. The opportunity to represent Bermuda in a professional capacity was something I took great pride in, especially given our respected reputation abroad.  My experience with the office enabled me to learn aspects of Bermuda not achievable through the classroom, as I was able to understand and work on topics of importance to the Government and Bermudians more widely. I extensively built upon my existing knowledge of Bermuda’s politics, legislation, and history with guidance from the team, who were always enthusiastic to answer any questions I had.

Overall, my ten weeks with the London Office will truly never be forgotten. Not only is it a professional honour to be able to work with the team, but it is also a chance to develop multiple facets of your self. The broad subject matter and varying tasks of an intern ensured no two days were alike. I found myself awaking each morning genuinely excited for and looking forward to the day ahead. Further, the challenging nature of the tasks proves that interns undertake work that is important to the office as I was able to use my existing skills to meaningful contribute to its functioning. The opportunity is unique in that as much as you put into the office, you get out of it. Each experience truly felt like a lesson; I cannot quantify the amount of knowledge I attained through my internship. Working alongside the London Office team themselves also proved to be extremely valuable, presenting me with the opportunity to observe and learn from highly experienced and talented professionals who have much guidance to offer a young aspiring intern. The summer opportunity has had a profound impact on my future, helping to define my research interests and chosen career path. The work I undertook at the office lead me to have a high level of interest in matters of international economic relations, especially within the context of regulatory policy, leading me to undertake an LLM in International Corporate Governance, Financial Regulation, and Economic Law. I hope to utilise my education and experience to undertake further work for the Government of Bermuda in an international context. Thanks to the opportunity presented by the London Office and Workforce Development, I ended the summer of 2016 with more experience, more knowledge, and more inspiration than I could have ever anticipated.

All the thanks in the world to the London Office team for such an amazing opportunity.

United Kingdom Internship Programme & Summer Employment

The Department of Workforce Development invites

Bermudians studying and currently residing in the UK to apply for the following work experience opportunities within the Government of Bermuda London Office.






6-Month Internship

  • A paid internship for one intern from 3 July – 29 December 2017, inclusive.
  • The successful intern can expect to gain a well-rounded international career exposure, with practical hands-on experience in working alongside the Government in its portfolio within the UK and EU.
  • Applicants must hold Bermudian status and be a recent graduate in the field of Finance,

International Relations, Law or related subjects to International Diplomacy.

  • Application Ref: UKINTRN17


Summer Employment Programme

  • As part of the Workforce Summer Employment Programme one placement will be provided in London from 3 July – 31 August, 2017, inclusive.
  • The criteria for acceptance into the Summer Employment Programme is as follows:
  • Must be a student enrolled full-time in a college or university at the time of application submission.
  • Have good academic standing.
  • Provide two (2) written references from persons excluding relatives:
    • a) Character reference (could be from a pastor, coach, mentor, etc.)
    • b) Professional reference (from previous employer)
    • c) Academic reference (from a professor, teacher, tutor)
  • Submit a 300 – 500 word essay stating why you should be considered for the summer employment programme, your career aspirations and how you believe this employment opportunity will benefit your career goals.
  • Provide a current résumé or curriculum vitae (CV).
  • Application Ref: UKSUMR17

Internship 2017

Application forms may be completed at, along with career essay, transcripts, resume and references which must be submitted by Friday, 28 April 2017 to

Interviews will be conducted in London.

Interested applicants may obtain more information, applicant requirements details and complete an application at, email or phone (441) 297-7714.