Bermudian Speaks to UK Youth Parliament
Bermudian Speaks to UK Youth Parliament

Bermudian Speaks to UK Youth Parliament

The Government of Bermuda London Office is pleased to highlight Ms Tayla Imani Bean who
has become the youngest Bermudian to ever speak in the House of Commons.

This platform was a part of the 2023 annual Youth Parliament Debate in the House of Commons
which was chaired by the Speaker of the House of Commons the Rt Hon Sir Lindsey Hoyle MP.

This debate was structured by way of five identified challenges facing young people across the
United Kingdom namely: ‘Holiday hunger’, ‘Quality of food’, ‘Standardisation’, ‘Financing and
funding’ and ‘Additional pricing’.

After these debate subjects had been thoroughly discussed and considered, a vote took place
to decide which two should be chosen as the priority campaigns for the United Kingdom Youth
Parliaments year ahead.

Ms Bean, who is 16 years old and attends The Berkeley Institute, utilised the Overseas
Territories and British Crown Dependencies debate motion of ‘what is the most important issue
of equality facing young people from my territory today’ to place attention on youth violence and
antisocial behaviour in Bermuda.

This selected topic was based on the third stated objective of the 2021 Bermuda National Youth
Policy which was published by The Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sport.

Ms Bean expressed that this predicament plaguing Bermuda’s youth is being particularly
exacerbated by “social media, social standards and a lack of positive role models”.

In regard to social media’s influence on Bermuda youth, Ms Bean noted how online platforms
can “showcase and glamourise antisocial lifestyles”, thus incentivizing young Bermudians
towards illegal activities for rapid financial gain.

Further, Ms Bean identified how Bermuda has strayed from the “it takes a village to raise a child”
approach towards a more individual-oriented “survival of the fittest” mentality. This shift
accompanied by parents working multiple jobs and longer hours has led many of Bermuda’s
youth to turn to antisocial behaviour.

Ms Bean closed by asserting that “although efforts to combat antisocial behaviour and gang
violence have been made”, the key stakeholders in this debate who can provide the best
insights to confronting this challenge are Bermuda’s youth and this demographic needs to be
more adequately engaged with.

Ms Bean was also accompanied by eight other Overseas Territory participants from Anguilla,
British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Montserrat and Saint Helena
respectively. British Crown Dependency Participants from the Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey
were also welcomed to the Youth Parliament debate for the first time.

These respective comments as well as Ms Bean’s personal reflections on her incredible
experience can be accessed via