Calyx Tucker: Internship 2016
Calyx Tucker: Internship 2016

Calyx Tucker: Internship 2016

In July 2016, the Government of Bermuda London Office, together with the Department of Workforce Development, launched an internship programme for Bermudian graduates currently living in the UK.

The internship is developed to provide Bermudian graduates with an opportunity to gain exposure in the UK and EU market through Government and Private sector relations.

A spokesperson said, “Following the application process, through Workforce Development, the internship was awarded to Ms. Calyx Tucker. Ms. Tucker is a graduate of the University of Leeds, receiving a BA [Honours] Japanese and Politics.

“She went on to study for a Graduate Diploma in Law [Commendation]; and recently completed the Legal Practice Course [LPC] alongside an MSc in Law, Business and Management [Distinction].

“The Department of Workforce Development’s Ms Judy Teart said, “We are pleased that Calyx has had a successful internship in the London Office.

“There is tremendous synergy between her intern position and her studies. In the coming weeks, we will announce a new internship placement opportunity in London for post graduate students living in London.

Speaking about her work at the London Office, Ms Tucker said, “From day one of the internship, no two days have ever been the same, with work ranging from assisting in consular matters to attending ministerial conferences. I first joined the office on the Monday after the Brexit referendum in the UK, and immediately observed resulting discussions as it relates to the Overseas Territories.

“The highlight of my experience was preparing for and attending the Joint Ministerial Council, the highest political forum between Governments of the British Overseas Territories and the United Kingdom.”

“Aside from working with the UK Government, I was also able to assist in protecting Bermuda’s reputation as a trusted jurisdiction in international tax and transparency, dealing with both the public and private sector to ensure the protection of our good name globally.”

“There was also an opportunity to engage with the wider diplomatic community. During my second week, I accompanied the Director to a meeting with the European Commission and the Overseas Countries and Territories Association within Brussels in which Bermuda sits as Vice President.

“I was also afforded the opportunity to participate in the Commonwealth Diplomatic Induction Programme organized by the Commonwealth Secretariat, aimed at UK based Commonwealth diplomats and Representatives of the British Territories.”

“This internship has offered me a unique insight into the world of international relations and policy. It is an exciting opportunity to hone both hard and soft skills while doing work that is interesting and meaningful.

“This is a one-of-a-kind experience that has benefited me greatly, and I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work with the Government of Bermuda London Office.”

Director and UK Representative, Ms. Kimberley Durrant, said, “Ms. Calyx Tucker is a passionate young Bermudian who deserved the opportunity to gain insightful exposure into the Government’s international engagement arena.

“The internship is an opportunity for any Bermudian graduate currently living in the UK to gain experience by working in partnership with the UK Government, EU Commission, UK Diplomatic Corp, UK Parliament and Governments of the Overseas Territories.

“The aim is to prepare our students for the workforce, by exposing them to the world of diplomacy and international policy. This is what the London Office is here for.”