Bermuda at the Olympics
Bermuda at the Olympics

Bermuda at the Olympics

Bermuda has a proud and long-lasting Olympic tradition stretching back to our debut in the Berlin 1936 Summer Olympics. With the Bermuda Olympic Association one of the 199 National Olympic Committees, our island has been represented by locals on the international athletic stage consistently for decades. This makes Rio 2016 Bermuda’s 25th Olympic appearance, with eight athletes participating in a variety of sports. This year we competed in events ranging from sailing to long jump, and in the past have been promising contenders in boxing, equestrian, diving, and tennis.

In Montreal 1976, Bermudian athlete Clarence Hill won a bronze medal in boxing, crowning Bermuda the least populated nation in Olympic history to ever win a medal at the Summer Olympics. This is nothing short of an immense feat. While we have not yet obtained a medal since, Bermudians have steadily continued to represent their island through strong Olympic performance throughout the years.

Most recently in Rio, Bermudian Olympiads continued to make the island proud, with Michelle Pearson , Cameron Pimentel, and Cecilia Wollmann all achieving well in their respective rowing and sailing events. Rebecca Heyliger and Julian Fletcher both impressed with achievements in swimming, while Tyrone Smith and Harold Houston proudly represented Bermuda in long jump and Men’s 200m respectively. Flora Duffy, one of the world’s top triathletes and a medal contender, placed 8th in the final of Women’s individual triathlon respectively. This was Bermuda’s highest finish of the 2016 games.

Bermudian Olympic successes also extend beyond athletic performance. Three-time Winter Olympian Patrick Singleton has been appointed a key position within the World Olympians Association. Further, he has recently been chosen as the World Olympians Association representative on the International Olympic Committee for a term through to 2020. This gives the opportunity for Mr. Singleton to continue to contribute to athletics; not only for Bermudian competitors, but for athletes across the globe.

Bermuda is committed to the development of our athletes, with the entire island immensely proud of our eight Olympiads in these games. All of us here at the London Office would like to commemorate Bermuda’s 25 Olympic appearances while looking forward to 25 more, as our athletes continue to impress and make their mark on the international stage.

Details of Bermudian achievements in the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics may be found below:

Michelle Pearson   –   Women’s single sculls   –   Final rank: 16
Julian Fletcher   –   Men’s 100m breaststroke  –  Heat rank: 40
Cameron Pimentel   –   Men’s laser (dinghy)   –   Final rank: 41
Cecilia Wollmann  –  Women’s laser radial (dinghy)  –  Final rank: 34
Rebecca Heyliger  –   Women’s 50m freestyle  –  Heats rank: 52
Tyrone Smith  –  Men’s long jump  –  Qualification rank: 16
Harold Houston  –  Men’s 200m  –  Heat rank: 6
Flora Duffy  –  Women’s individual triathlon  –  Rank: 8

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