The London Office Speaks To: Candace Furbert
The London Office Speaks To: Candace Furbert

The London Office Speaks To: Candace Furbert

Bermudians may recognize her as the Bermuda Teen Idol winner of 2008. They may also recognize her for her memorable performances as an opening act at Bermuda’s Music Festivals, which were headlined by world-famous artists such as Quincy Jones, Eryka Badu and Wyclef Jean. 

In the UK , you may have seen her most recently as a cast member of the West-End phenomenon ‘The Book of Mormon’. No matter where you have seen or heard her there is no denying that Candace Furbert is a rising star of musical theatre here in the UK. Currently preparing for her latest role on the UK tour of Shrek the Musical, Candace takes a moment in between rehearsals to let us know what she loves about living in the UK, what she misses about Bermuda, and what it’s like performing on West-End.

Could you give us a brief description of who you are and what you do?
My name is Candace Furbert, I was born July 17th 1991, and I am a musical theatre professional performer in the UK.”

When did you first realize you wanted to be an entertainer?
I realized that I wanted to perform professionally as a lifetime career in 2010 after travelling with cast of 2010’s Up With People.”

What made you relocate from Bermuda to the UK?
I relocated to the UK during my studies at The American Musical Theatre Academy of London in 2011, where I completed a 1 year professional musical theatre course.”

What has been your proudest so far here in the UK?
My proudest so far is getting to play one of my dream roles as the Dragon in Shrek UK Tour.”

Has being Bermudian ever been a hindrance or benefit in your career?
Being Bermudian has never been a hindrance for me just a conversation starter and I get to share with others about how beautiful our island is.”

What do you miss most about Bermuda?
I miss being able to hear the whistling frogs and the sounds of the birds in the morning.. It’s the little things that mean the most like that burst of fresh air you get the as soon as you arrive home..I miss family and friends of course.”

What do you like most about the UK?
I like the public transportation, and there are easy ways to get anywhere in the UK. I also love to do things around London during my free time. NAMCO is a spot behind the London Eye, that’s where I go to bowl, drive bumper cars and get to be a Big Kid!”

Who are some of your role models?
My biggest role models in theatre are NiShanthi Bailey and Patricia Nesbitt.. I’ve always admired the way they work and how much they put into it for their performances. They are two outstanding and phenomenal role models in our community when it comes to theatre.”

What was it like to be a part of a world-renowned West End play like ‘The Book of Mormon’?
Being a part of BOM was a life changing experience, I’ve had good moments and some rough times also but that’s all a part of my professional journey to make me who I am today and how awesome I will be in the near future. ”

What sort of response do you get when you tell people in the UK (especially in the entertainment industry) that you are from Bermuda?
The biggest response would be that silly question of how I made it out with the Bermuda Triangle?”

What advice would you give to aspiring entertainers, in Bermuda and the UK?
Never lose who you are and where you come from and always strive to be better than you were the day before. It’s now our time to let the world know Bermudians are here, and we have loads to offer the world.. Also I believe that we all have the opportunity to become stars but it’s up to us how bright we shine… Never give up even when you feel it’ll be easier that way… As what we Berkeleyites would say Respice’ Finem – Keep the end In view.”

What does the near-future hold for you, in regards to your career?
Regarding my career I have a great future in musical theatre in the UK if I just keep improving and doing what I’m doing to get to the top.. I’ve been blessed to nail BOM coming right out of school and now to be a part of the original cast of Shrek UK/Ireland Tour 2014.”

 Swizzle, dark & stormy, or ginger beer?
My old colleagues at the BOM loved my swizzle, ginger beer soda and some of them even got to try the chocolate rum cake that I purchased from duty free at the airport…. I must say they love our cooking!!!!”

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