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Bermuda Elects a New Government and New Premier: The Honourable David Burt, JP MP

Posted August 09 2017

Bermuda’s General Election on the 18th July 2017 resulted in a victory for the Progressive Labour Party (PLP). The Premier of Bermuda, the Hon E David Burt, JP, MP was sworn in by Governor John Rankin the following day, moving in the direction of France and Canada as the youngest Premier in our history (38).

The Premier has vowed to work his hardest for “every single Bermudian”, pledging to “…build an economy that works for everyone” and “serve the people of Bermuda” in his first address to the nation with a unifying tone. The new Government’s campaign had emphasized their intention to focus efforts on Bermuda’s social infrastructure.

The most recent general election, however, was historic in more ways than one. In addition to Mr. Burt’s ground-breaking accomplishment, PLP’s win has been recorded as the highest margin of victory under the modern 36 single-seat system which was established prior to the 2003 general election. The PLP retained all of their seats while gaining 7 from the previous Government, in the end winning 24 seats to the former government’s 12, beating the previous highest margin of 22-14. The new government claimed an impressive 58.89% of the overall vote, officially marking Bermuda’s largest general election landslide. In addition to winning 24 seats, the PLP increased their winning percentage of the vote in multiple seats, while recording considerable margins of victory in many of the seats claimed from the previous Government.

Premier of Bermuda, the Hon. David Burt, JP, MP said, “I am proud and humbled to be the Premier of Bermuda. My parliamentary colleagues and I have formed a government with a clear and decisive mandate that will focus on making Bermuda stronger and better for all Bermudians. 

“Cabinet ministers are already hard at work reviewing and addressing the issues facing Bermuda. I have held meetings with our stakeholders to identify and implement the necessary policies that will ensure continued success for Bermuda and our local and international partners.

“Parliament will convene on 8 September 2017. We will lay out the Government’s legislative agenda and quickly put in place the priorities for our long-term economic and social vision for Bermuda.”

The Premier has committed to retaining Bermuda’s position as Chair of the United Kingdom Overseas Territories Association and President of the Political Council.

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